Door-to-Door Soliciting

Swissvale has a “Transient Retail Merchant” ordinance (Ordinance 83-3) that prohibits solicitors from going door-to-door in residential neighborhoods without first registering with the Borough and obtaining a solicitation permit

Merchants who wish to solicit must first submit their completed application to the Borough Manager’s office along with a $100 permit fee. The application must include the names of all individuals who are hired to solicit, a copy of each individual’s identification and current criminal background reports. The application is reviewed by the Police Department to verify that there are no red flags with any of the applicants. If approved, the individuals listed on the application are issued a solicitation permit. The permit will contain the raised seal of the Borough of Swissvale. Permits without the raised seal are invalid. 

Solicitors must have their permit visible at all times while soliciting and present it on demand while going door-to-door. 

There are limitations on who must apply for a permit. Children under the age of 18 years taking orders for or delivering items such as newspapers, greeting cards, candy, bakery products, or who represent the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or similar organizations, and persons seeking political office are not required to obtain a solicitation permit. 

Those wishing to obtain a solicitation permit can find the application on the Swissvale Borough website under “Forms & Permits.”

Solicitation in the Borough of Swissvale is strictly enforced and limited to the hours of 9 a.m.—7 p.m., Monday through Saturday.