Pollinator Garden

Pollinator Garden Project

With the help of Humane Action Pittsburgh, Swissvale Borough is transforming the large, gravel lot at the corner of Edgewood and South Braddock Ave into a native species pollinator garden. Council recently voted to approve a scope of work for the Pollinator Garden Project as negotiated between Humane Action Pittsburgh and Swissvale Borough with costs not to exceed $20,000.00 using Local Share Account (LSA) funds. These grant funds were procured through the work of the Honorable Senator Jay Costa. A proposed site plan and proposed list of expenses can be found below. 

Proposed Site PlanPollinatorGarden

Proposed Expenses

Item QuantityPriceTotal
Large Signage2$2,500.00$5,000.00
Plant Signage250$3.50$875.00
Raised Beds10$319.00$3,190.00
Bench Installation1$1,000.00$1,000.00
Garbage Can2$500.00$1,000.00
Landscape cloth2$70.00$140.00
Top Soil 1 Tri Axl5$850.00$4,250.00
Clover Seed 1$342.00$342.00
Hazelnut Shrub3$50.00$150.00
Raspberry Shrub3$50.00$150.00
Blueberry Shrub3$50.00$150.00
Plants 1$1,000.00$1,000.00
Pathway Rocks100$8.00$800.00